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Persian Christmas Letters


The tradition of Persian Christmas letters containing various muddled texts can be traced back to the 3rd century in the heyday of the mighty Persian chief Krabut. Over the years, many more or less futile attempts have been made to the understand the significance of the impenetrable content. Anyway, the tradition continues in the best way possible. And today, as I said in the introduction (which unfortunately has fallen out of this copy of the distorted Christmas letter), we visit the renowned, albeit not Persian, Christmas letter writer Morten Hjerl-Hansen.

Jansson; over to you. You stand in the square in Stubberup holding in your trembling hands the remains of the most distorted Christmas letters of all time. Don’t cry Jansson (we’re on-air, after all). But tell me, did you see the perpetrator, the presumptuous one who tore up the letter? Before you read its content, undoubtedly distorted.

Jansson here; yes, uh, back to the studio, I don’t know Persian anyway.

Interpretation 1:


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