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Misunderstanding via Greek Answer to Finnish Question


“You’ve got something in the side of your mouth” is a common helpful piece of information that is known all around the globe. However, it does not apply here because at the time of writing I cannot see the reader and neither your mouth. However, I see other things and that’s why I keep writing. Because it is unfortunate when the opportunities are reduced. That makes you look like I don’t know what. And the faster, the more serious and passionately you go over to start talking, because that’s what you do, you want your share of the attention and listen to what you think and say, the harder it will be for the audience to this nonsense about ship prices not to laugh because it seems that the speaker’s errand is in fact about the right to have something in the side of your mouth.
The right to not to attract attention due to an alternative appearance. Oh yes. It reminds me of a sloe bush that I encountered in the previous century.
Whether these considerations are “totally false” or not, in Finland and Greece they have gone over to replace their beautiful, but for a common Englishman, incomprehensible language with English-sounding phrases. But in order to not make it not too easy for the English to start conversations and get laid with them, the sentences, which now circulate freely in the two countries, do not mean the same.
“Your jerk!” said by a Greek in Greek means “You smell good, Landa” but in Finland it means “It’s my lake!”
Going into more detail, we can add that a Finn who says “I am a lucky ragamuffin” means “It’s OK, Buck” while a Greek will perceive the phrase as meaning “Very interesting. But how do we proceed to formulate a strategy?”
And I think that eventually we should add here that this is why Finnish is of the Finnish-Ugric family of languages.

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