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Modiano: Mystery, Cognitive Therapy Or Two Small Bells?


The editors have come into possession of a strange letter, a so-called Schrödinger letter, found in a rummage sale. The envelope consist of two joined cardboard pieces placed on top of each other and glued together on the sides and at the top, the bottom is a crack with a small string where you can pull out a card, here the message of the letter will appear or not appear, the probability is 50 percent. It is made using intricate chemistry. If you try to cheat and break up the envelope, the writing is not developed and the text will be lost. The editorial team was lucky. The anonymous letter read as follows:

Dear Ulla,

What does it mean that I am still among the living? What does my body mean for what I want to say to you now? I loved you that time and I will always love you. There is no mystifystical Modiano in it. I choose to be anonymous and write this in a plain language. Only the deepest depths of your subconscious, yes, only your heart will know who I am. And now I have written it. May this letter sink from your mind and unite with your heart and help give you courage in life, for that is always needed, whatever has happened and whatever situation you are in. What does it mean that we can still lie undressed in bed? What does carnal reunion mean, your cod. Your heart knows.

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