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Party with The Indians


When a Klaptjak Indian turns 14, there is a party. The day starts with a community banquet. Then the entire tribe swims out to the middle of a lake made of milk and screams until the sun rises. When they have dried up, the person celebrating his or her birthday steals her own cuff links, chases herself through the rainforest, brings herself down and returns home disguised as a white man with a monocle in a black suit with vertical gray stripes. As the whole tribe claps in time, the person walks up to the chief and addresses him or her with the words: ‘Do you think there is flour in the sack partner?’ Now follows a long and often rather boring conversation, which is interrupted when the chief melts or the young man or girl says the pompous words ‘Katut doo’. They mean ‘I’m pompous.’ At that point, the moon walks back and forth between the members of the tribe and shows off.

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