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Review: Karlsens Shrimp And Pea Restaurant


In relation to the care of a fire, the production of tools and being part of a tribe, i.e. the living conditions that characterize the greatest part of our evolution and thus shape our genes, both physically and mentally, it seems only natural that the two properties charming and agreeable so rarely occur within the same individual, and that we have our heads full of pretensions about ourselves when we move around in a larger city. For this reason, I bought tickets to the countryside and Karlsens Shrimp And Pea Restaurant.

Karlsen receives me secretively as I stick my head in and discover Karlsen by the keyhole, just below me.

-Will he soon be here, the food reviewer?

– Peek-a-boo! Here I am!

And then I set about reviewing food in the company of a delighted Karlsen. First I review the napkins and a couple of forks. Next in turn comes the tablecloth and a cornet with chocolate buttons. When approximately half of the inventory has been reviewed, I swiftly review Karlsen and myself and then the working day is over. I take the train home again holding a bag called Henrik.

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